Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Commanders

Rebellion is ripe across the Empire and Praetor and Knight Commander Salinator is moving his forces to quell the uprising in the province of Pantoria. At his command are the skilled Prefects Daruis, Emanicus and Lauria along with 15,000 imperial legionnaires. But as usual nothing is simple in the Empire – and everything is about politics. Can the Praetor keep his officers working together or will it be personal fame and glory that win or lose the day for the Empire?

The Commanders is a 4 hour adventure for 3-4 players who take on the roles as Imperial commanders.

The adventure focuses on management, decision-making and the individual relations between the commanders rather than combat and tactics. The latter is of course for the Game Master to decide, although the 4 hour game time stated above can easily double if equal emphasis is placed on all these focus areas. Whether this is good or bad is left to you to decide! 

The Commanders adventure is available from the downloads page.

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