Monday, December 9, 2013

Adventure: What Dwells in the Mountains

It is early autumn in the city of Earlhall, situated in northern Menlor. A group of men and women, until recently strangers, have assembled in a lofty hall beloning to a local noble. Gold has drawn them here - or at least the promise of gold. A young dwarf by the name of Tharil Bokhvar is searching for his lost ancestral home and believes he is close to a breakthrough. But the mountains are a dangerous place and so he has journeyed here to find able help on his quest. And with the promise of finding a forgotten dwarven city, with all its treasures, such help is not hard to find...

The adventure "What Dwells in the Mountains" is scheduled to premiere the weekend Before Christmas. Unlike the prefabricated characters of previous adventures, players are here encouraged to create their own. Which will join the Hall of Heroes and which will be forgotten in the mists of Time?

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