Tuesday, August 17, 2021

On the road again

 The second day of traveling is always the heaviest. You have gotten away, sat and frothed around in the cab or in a saddle all day. The body has not yet got used to the everyday comforts that life in the capital provides. Although Edward does not live a life of superfluous luxury, he still enjoys many comforts. Above all, he is very happy to have a short travel time to work. It's enough to cross the threshold and he's in his study. This study is not only an office but also a scientific laboratory. An achievement to feel proud of. It has taken many years of hard work to put together the most basic things, but now it is available. Some people, colleagues and acquaintances sometimes thought that it was borrowed equipment that for some unfathomable reason was expected to be returned. Edward found this amusing and completely misunderstood such claims. In addition, they were clearly not as talented as him, thus making the equipment more useful to him. This view of the whole thing had unfortunately led to some messy arguments.
A new lab assistant would not have been completely stupid, but competent people with the same passion as himself was elusive. So far, Hertig had to fill in as an assistant and companion in the experiments, unfortunately cats have a tendency to make a mess sometimes. Go and stroke against things they should have known enough to stay away from. The lack of a capable assistant had led Edward to learn a spell in order to be able to freely dictate a quill while he worked. This turned out to be a good choice as the pen itself had a nicer handwriting than Edward's twisted letters.
The passengers were elated and in a good mood when they heard the sound of the driver's whip fluttering in the air. The draft horses snorted a little in the cold morning air and the carriage started moving. Edward had been awake for a while the night before, contemplating the nature of the mission. It was not like Inquisitor Ramiero to be so secretive. After all, it was very important that they were given information to start investigating, otherwise it was easy to look blindly for misleading clues and incorrect clues. By all accounts, the others in the party had had time to think about the assignment after they parted the night before.
Edward leaned a little closer to Miss Leclair, who was sitting opposite him in the cab. She sat in the usual order and read a book. The book was quite thick to take on the road, but it did not seem to worry the young lady. Edward broke the silence.
"So, what are the Miss' thoughts on the mission? I lay awake last night after I turned off the light and thought about it."
Adelia looked up from the book and looked at Edward before speaking. "At the moment I have no theories with any support, but I think this is mysterious and at the same time exciting."
Edward leaned back on his side, glanced in Mr Falco's direction. He seemed immersed in his own thoughts and not in the mood to discuss the mission. Once the body and mind have found peace in being on the move, everything immediately became much easier. Even the weather got a little better. In fact, it was not so, but it was happily experienced that way. Despite the pale spring sun, the road to Karalis was empty for travelers this year. The day flowed by slowly and was largely uneventful. 

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