Thursday, March 17, 2016

That Old Generator...

The Character Generator (found at has received a little update. Apart from a few minor fixes the new this is the ability to save a character and then restart at a later date or to produce several "versions" of the same basic character.

In order to use the save function a user must complete the first step of the character creation. The button will then appear above the "continue" button. The character is saved as an encrypted text file so don't go on about changing anything or it won't load.

Once you got your save file check out the "Generate" menu: there is a new option called "Load Character". The page contains a simple text box and a button. Copy and paste the content of your character save file and click load - the page will take you to the last saved step.

Please note that the character is generally only saved when changing a page - if you're halfway though assigning skills this won't be included in the save file due to... eh... development costs. Exceptions are assigning family, talents, events and derived stats.

That's about it - hope you'll enjoy!

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