Monday, March 2, 2015

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 55

In Sunn mage Sikra retire for some sleep while the undead continue their business throughout the night. Setting out to repair their damaged business relations and progress their plans they are eventually interrupted by Gamaral who carries a written note from Rutkar Bloodaxe who wants a meeting at the old ruins in the city center on the following day. Kael head out immediately to scout the grounds. As the meeting grows close Zantana is still away in business to Azela, Geb and Kael are forced to take care of it themselves.

Meeting up with the dwarf he offers to let them in on a deal where he settles a score with the crime lord Javaar by taking over his business, giving a fair share in return for some economical backing. Seeing a good opportunity to gain a better foothold in the city they agree to fund Rutkar's plan. He will attack Javaar's base at the Hungry Spire the night after tomorrow and they all decide to join him. As they return home Zantana is still missing - returning first late in the evening. While initially a bit worried when hearing about the meeting she finds their agreement to her liking. However, unlike the others she has no interest in any violent activities.

A day passes and as the attack draws near Kael, Azela and Geb joins up with Bloodaxe and his men. The well-equipped and trained fighters make short process of the tavern guards and joined by Kael and Geb they stomp out all resistance in the drinking hall. Meanwhile Azela climbs the wall to the upper floor and just manage to enter a window and hide as Kara arrive, trying to flee the battle below. As she opens a secret passage way Azela strikes from the shadows, stabbing her in the foot and then quickly overpowering and tying her up with a rope. As she finishes up Rutkar and Kael arrives up the stairs. Exploring the passage together they find a hidden room containing some valuables along with documents and ledgers apparently tied to Javaar's business. An open window leads to the city's roof tops and Azela spots a running man trying to make his escape. She stops him short with a throwing star and Kael quickly retrieves the wounded man back to the building. Revealed to be Javaar himself, Rutkar holds a short interrogation and then executes his former boss. Using the money collected on the scene he makes a first repayment of his debt to his new allies, informing them that he will have to go underground for a while after the night's fighting as the city guard will be looking for him. They decide to keep the old ruin in the city center as a meeting spot, should they require each others' services anytime soon.

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