Monday, October 27, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 42

Charon, Horacio and Thriatos spend their time creating a plan for how to archieve what the dragon has asked them. While they do this the trolls return to the site and help carry their equipment to the caves to the south. The king of the trolls inform them that they had been summoned by their master and that representatives of the other trollkin loyal to the dragon are also on their way. The trolls must however soon leave again, as the area cannot provide for them all for very long.

For the coming three days the troll king teach the three mages to speak their language, oogrim, and as the trolls prepare to leave representatives from local goblin clans and also a gremlin - a goblin folk with a technological aptitue - arrive. With the aid of the troll king Charon, Horacio and Thriatos begin to discuss the situation with the goblins, learning how many they are, what Resources they have - all to lay a foundation for their upcoming campaign. It is however very clear that the goblins, while sharing the same master, is not very friendly towards each other. Keeping them from fighting themselves is going to be a major issue.

The gremlin, known by the name of Znoot, gives a more positive account. His city can supply good quality weapons and armor from their forges and is nearly inpenetrable from the outside. Only problem is the city is not very loyal to the dragon. Thus his fellow citizens need to be convinced of the great prospects and gains which can be made by joining the three mages' effort.

Having learned what they believe they can, the three mages decide it is time for action (and for Thriatos to repay certain debts to the Abyss). Charon and Thriatos therefore journey towards Osayla to purchase supplies and some wares with which they hope to impress the gremlins. Oh, and also to release a demon as part of Thriatos' bargin. Horacio meanwhile choose to stay behind to learn more about the gremlins and their city from Znoot for use in their future negotiations.

In their inconspicuous clothing Charon and Thriatos reach Osayla without much trouble. They gather the supplies and wares they need and then leave for the outskirts of the city where Thriatos summons the djinn who helped them at the tomb. Now all he must do is to uphold his summoning for the required time and the deal is complete. The demon shapeshifts to human form and wanders into the city while the mages prepare for a long night.

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