Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Necromancer's Legacy - part 29

Geb, finding himself in a cell, is trying to relax and . He tries to start a conversation with a fellow prisoner, but the latter soon tire of his endless banter.

Kaeso, on the other hand, does not bother about relaxing - or conversing for that matter. He rushes headlong forward to the rescue, while Awhero and Ignatia decide it is best to pack their equipment before joining, as leaving the town in a hurry is quickly becoming a likely event in the near future.

With a combination of surprise and shock, Kaeso quickly kills of the militiamen guarding the entrance to the town's castle. His progress is however checked by a group of archers, but with Awhero arriving they manage to push through, capturing the militia commander in the process. They blackmail the guards into delivering Geb, who negotiates to have his cellmate released with him. With Ignatia covering their retreat they have to marsch through a crowd which has assembled outside before reaching the edge of town. The released prisoner introduces himself as Nohen and comments that they are apparently not better liked outside of town as they spot a group of Tumapec tribesmen approaching from the north. He still agree to aid the party for a generous pay offered by Ignatia.

Managing to shake of their pursuers they reach the river Pantor and travel east to the town of Moonin where Ignatia has private business to attend to. After being away she return to tell them a second stop is required before they can reach their destination further south. This stop is later revealed to be a small and rather desolate castle where they meet a group of mages lead by a certain Kanadir. While wearing the robes of a grandmaster he certainly looks out luck but still welcome the party to the residence. Geb is sent to the library to discover what he can of their final destination while Kaeso makes good use of the large laboratory found within the castle walls. Before being summoned to a well-prepared dinner Geb finds an interesting book appearing to be a research report on the very site they are looking for.

After dinner they all go to bed and thus it is soon the following morning. They prepare to leave, but not before Ignatia has persuaded Kanadir to provide them with several useful items along with a copy of the report found by Geb. Nohen continues to lead the way until they reach the town of Javibara where they separate. Thus they continue on their own from the town until they reach the mountains to the southeast and they manage to do so with no further incidents.

After finding the entrance to the tomb they seek Ignatia decides they should put up camp, but then begin researching the site immediately before it gets dark outside. The heavy bronze doors leading into the tomb appears locked, but the reason for their meeting with Kanadir becomes obvious as Ignatia produces a key.

As the report found by Geb suggests the first part of the tomb has already been investigated they start looking for the natural caves which is also mentioned. As they start exploring the tomb they quickly discover a magical presence - as well as traces of creatures living within the tomb: cave trolls. The bad news have barely been brought when they are charged by a rabid troll. With his magical axe Kaeso manage to kill the beast quite quickly, but not before Ignatia get knocked over by the troll and, together with Geb, find herself soaked in troll's blood.

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